rv 5:1-10
ps 149:1b-2, 3-4, 5-6a and 9b
lk 19:41-44

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Falling through the Cracks
Jesus wept as he drew near to Jerusalem. He bore the pain of not being accepted by those in power in this holy city.

Does Jesus weep as he draws near to our churches today? Jesus lives inside each and every single human being, yet there are so many people who feel excluded from our houses of worship.

Look around your own church. Where are the men and women who have fallen through the cracks of society? How does your congregation reach out and welcome those who suffer from poverty, homelessness, lack of documentation, mental illness, AIDS, prostitution…?

Jesus was a homeless immigrant who deeply felt the pain of rejection. He hung out with the poor, the lepers, the prostitutes…all those who had fallen through the cracks of society.

How can our churches become soft landing places for all those who continue to fall through the cracks today?

Jesus, help us accept you in each and every person.