eph 4:1-6
ps 24:1-2, 3-4ab, 5-6
lk 12:54-59

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Signs of God
Many years ago, when our Internet connection was down, my 8-year old was in tears, because she wouldn't be able to check the online weather forecast. How would she know what to wear to school? I suggested that the crisp breeze outside might give her just the sign she needed.

I began to wonder whether our children of the technological age are able to see beyond the computer screen to recognize the signs around them.

As we stepped outside to walk to the bus stop, the sun was bright, but there was already frost on the ground. Each time the wind blew, there was a colorful shower of leaves from the trees.

My daughter began to joyfully dance and sing, "It's raining leaves, Mom!" This child could clearly see the spectacular presence of God in this amazing day!

Where have you seen signs of God in your life lately?

God, help us recognize the signs of your presence.