eph 2:12-22
ps 85:9ab-10, 11-12, 13-14
lk 12:35-38

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God's Will
"Here I am, God; I come to do your will." Psalm 40

How often do we confidently proclaim Psalm 40 in church on Sunday and then return home to the same old routine? By Monday, there's been no booming voice with an exciting mission from God.

"Did you hear me God? I'm ready to do your will."

By Tuesday, we're deep into the hassles of the workweek, the complicated logistics of the neighborhood carpool, and the endless stops at Jewel to pick up one more item.

"Here I am, God. Why don't you respond?"

Is it possible that God is already speaking through every mundane moment of our lives? Perhaps God is calling us to being peacemakers in the workplace, neighbors who are willing to do one more round of driving, and parents who ensure that our families get fed.

"Here I am, God. I come to do your will."

Holy Spirit, help us hear your voice in the events of daily life.