phil 1:1-11
ps 111:1-2, 3-4, 5-6
lk 14:1-6

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Share the Love
Every fall, we'd select our pumpkins from the farm stand. We'd excitedly take them home and carefully design their faces. We'd cut the tops off and scoop out the insides, and then my dad would help us carve them. When we were finished, we'd add candles and place them in the dining room window. On Halloween night, we'd light the candles and proudly share our creations with the entire neighborhood.

As I play with this memory, I imagine God at work. With great delight, God designs each one of us. God carefully carves our features and includes a unique mix of gifts and talents. Then, God adds the burning love of the Holy Spirit and places us in the world for all to see. God smiles proudly as we share our love with those around us.

God, let your love burn for all to see.