1 cor 15:1-11
ps 118:1b-2, 16ab-17, 28
lk 7:36-50

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A Place for the Holy Spirit
The little tree stood by itself on the retreat house grounds. Its tiny trunk had been lovingly wrapped in a protective layer of tape, and it was being nourished with lots of sunlight and water.

Two large trees stood several yards away. Like all good parents, they were doing their best to balance the little trees desire for independence and its need for security.

There was a bench below the biggest tree. As I sat down on one side, I knew that the other side had been reserved for the Holy Spirit.

The big trees had been entrusted with the little tree's care, but they had made a place for the Holy Spirit to watch, encourage, and love their little one with them.

Parents, do you ever feel overwhelmed by the job in front of you? Don't forget to reserve a place for the Holy Spirit in your own family life.

Holy Spirit, help us open up a place for you.